FMT Occupational Pensions

The Merit Occupational Pension Scheme is a registered Tier 2 master trust scheme which offers risk-free high returns benefits to its members. Being a member of Merit Occupational Pension Scheme means you will benefit from the expertise in which First Merit Trust will use in the administration of the Scheme and the excellent and exceptional customer service of our staff. The Assets of this scheme are invested in critically analysed risk-protected, a nd properly diversified portfolios to maximise returns and eliminate risks in the long term
Flexible Fees: The statutory fees to be charged on a Pension Scheme as specified by the NPRA is 2.5%. However FMT is open to negotiate to reduce these fees.
Mortgage: It is possible to use your Pension Funds with FMT as a collateral to acquire a mortgage facility.
Diversified Investment: Assets in the Merit Occupational Pension Scheme are allocated in investment types that will provide a competitive return for members. The Assets are invested in a mix of diversified classes which include Government Securities(Bonds and T-Bills), money market securities, Corporate Bonds, and Equities All assets are invested in line with the required assets classes, as specified and directed by the NPRA


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